Client Success Stories

From Teens

” … my mental health is quite possibly in the best place it’s been in a long time, if not ever. In fact, I got off my medication after more than two years a few weeks ago and have yet to notice any symptoms of anxiety or panic. This miraculous recovery from where I was in 2019 is, of course, almost wholly thanks to you. There is so much to be grateful for this year, and I am especially grateful that I had you supporting and – for want of a better term – ‘fixing’ me during my journey to get here. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has benefitted so much from your work. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.”

Male client – College freshman in San Francisco, CA

“If you are wondering if Lindsay would be a great counselor or therapist, I want you to know that she is. I was a [high school] senior when I was seeing her, dealing with the stresses of academics, college, home life, and issues with being gay. Looking back from now, I do not know how I handled that. But I was lucky to have Lindsay there … Overall, dealing with loneliness as an openly gay student at school and home problems, the conversations I had with her were very warming. It was so easy to open up to her and actually talk. I believe if it wasn’t for Lindsay, I do not know where I would be today. I just want to thank her so much for all that she has done.”

Male client – High school senior in San Francisco, CA

From Parents

“Our daughter started working with Lindsay after being bullied at school, which had a deeply negative impact on her. At the time, Lindsay had a full schedule, but … made the extraordinary effort to accommodate us outside of her normal hours to help our little girl. This showed us not only the dedication she has to her profession, but the compassion she has for people and those she works with … Lindsay consistently goes above and beyond [and her] all-around care and support separates Lindsay and makes it clear to us how much she genuinely puts her heart into helping our children, finding ways so that they can grow into their best versions of themselves. With this said, we highly recommend Lindsay to any person searching for a child therapist.”

Parents of middle school girl in San Francisco, CA

“Lindsay has had a life-changing positive impact on our family. She was able to reach each of our children and gain their trust, despite their being such very different personalities and struggling with very different issues. We saw huge positive development in their confidence and enjoyment of life. They actually looked forward to each session. She also did a great job of liaising with us as parents … It has been a tremendous success and we are deeply grateful.”

Mother of two middle and high school students in San Francisco, CA

From Individual Adults

“Lindsay has provided the care and guidance I needed to resolve deeply rooted depression that was preventing me from living a happy and enjoyable life … it is now a joy to wake up every morning looking forward to the challenges of the day with a smile instead of a fearful (anxious, ambivalent, angry) frown on my face. Her awareness, caring and thoughtful guidance through this part of my life’s journey has quite frankly saved me.”

CEO in San Francisco, CA

“I started working with Lindsay shortly after my wife was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer several years ago. Between supporting my wife through treatment, grappling with my own fears and grief, and continuing to work full-time, I was in desperate need of help. Lindsay helped me navigate and survive the hardest period of my life … Thanks to Lindsay’s consistent support and guidance, I now better understand my own emotional strengths and barriers. With her help, I came to peace with events from my past, I learned healthier coping mechanisms, and I developed a compassionate and empowered perception of myself. Big and exciting changes are on the horizon for me, and I am so thankful for the huge role Lindsay played in helping me get to this point.”

CEO in San Francisco, CA

From Young Adults

“My time working with Lindsay has been nothing short of transformative. Throughout my journey as a teen and young adult struggling with anxiety and depression, I’ve had 6 different therapists, all of whom never really helped me scratch the surface of what was going on with me. However, in one short year with Lindsay my mental health has improved significantly. To my surprise, I’ve also found that participating in online, virtual therapy with Lindsay has given me more support than any face-to-face therapy I’ve had previously. Teletherapy with Lindsay has given my healing journey the flexibility I’ve needed, and I offer nothing but praise to Lindsay as an amazing therapist and an incredibly caring person.”

Freshman college student (female) in San Francisco, CA

“Working with Lindsay has profoundly impacted my life for the better, and I can’t speak of her highly enough! Her compassion and understanding of intersectionality has helped me to navigate the world as an autistic nonbinary person of colour, most notably by providing me with tools and strategies I’ve been able to employ to mitigate the symptoms of my social anxiety. Lindsay has been there to support me through the most difficult times in my life with her empathy and level-headed guidance; and I can say with certainty that her exemplary quality of care is consistent in every session, whether face-to-face or virtual.”

Senior college student (non-binary) in San Francisco, CA

From Other Professionals

“As a child and adolescent psychiatrist, I have been fortunate to collaborate with therapist Lindsay Durgan in the treatment of adolescents with mental health issues. She is a thoughtful and compassionate therapist who is extremely dedicated to the wellbeing of her clients.”

Michelle Guchereau – Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

“As a psychiatrist in San Francisco, I really enjoy collaborating with Lindsay on patient care. My patients love seeing her and clearly grow through their work with Lindsay. When I refer patients to her for individual or couples therapy, I can trust that they will be well looked after. She is a sharp and experienced clinician who brings compassion and caring to her work.”

Andrew Middleditch – Psychiatrist in Private Practice

“I’ve known Lindsay for the past 10 years. We were colleagues during our clinical training and have been in the same weekly consultation group for the last six years. It has been very helpful to work on cases together involving children, parents and adults. Lindsay is a compassionate, empathetic, and devoted therapist. She is extremely thoughtful and focused on understanding and supporting her clients in a collaborative and productive way. Lindsay’s clients benefit greatly from her insights and warm presence.”

Beth Mitchner – Psychologist in Private Practice

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating regularly with Lindsay as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner treating children and adolescents. From a team perspective, Lindsay is responsive and resourceful which makes her a wonderful advocate for our patients.”

Emily Econie – Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

“I have known Ms. Durgan professionally for the past 7 years. She is empathetic, patient, and kind, and has an innate grasp of the problems faced by children, adolescents and adults. She clearly adds humor and her unique, good-natured perspective to her work. Her clinical training and consultation informs her work, especially with the challenges of adolescent clients. She cares deeply for her clients, provides excellent care, and clearly loves the work she does!”

Randall Sclar, Ph.D. – Psychologist in Private Practice

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Durgan for many years on a number of cases. She brings compassion and thoughtfulness to her cases. While she works with individual adults very well, she has a particular knack for dealing with adolescents in crisis. She is able to incorporate in-depth insights to help families in what can be a difficult time. She has an engaging manner that generates confidence in those who are in therapy with her. I recommend her highly without reservation.”

David Auld, Ph.D. – Clinical Psychologist

“My impression when we met was skepticism. I didn’t like many of the psych individuals I met in my career. As we talked, I saw in you the healing qualities I found in the very few physicians I had been impressed and guided by.”

James Koss, MD FAAEM (retired) – Board Certified Emergency Medical Physician

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